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Best Content Marketing Channels you should not miss on social media

By Jessie L. Morgan → Wednesday, September 18, 2019
To succeed with your digital marketing strategy, you will need to find the ways to spread your content to the relevant audience. The larger number of your prospects are, the bigger chance you have to pull their attention and push them to take action.

And you can do that by finding the right channels to distribute your content. Among the platforms marketers often use in digital marketing realm, social media channels are very large and prospective places that you can jump in and take advantage from.

So what are social channels that you should use and why? Let’s dive in to find out.
best content marketing channels

1. Facebook

How to perform a content marketing audit?

By Jessie L. Morgan →
As an inevitable part in content marketing strategy, content marketing audit helps to reduce costs and need to be conducted regularly.

Gathering and organizing all pieces of the content that your team created and distributed will help you to see if your efforts are working or not and decide to make change if needed.

Let’s dive in to see how to perform a content marketing audit !!

How to perform a content marketing audit?

8 steps to develop a successful social content strategy

By Jessie L. Morgan → Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Just like any other part in digital marketing , social content is a competitive arena. To gain success, you have to do consistent efforts and deliver smart strategy.

But how to develop a social content strategy? I bet this is the question almost every marketer concerns. That‘s what I’ll share in this article.

Let’s go through 8 steps to win at a social media content strategy.
8 steps to develop a successful social content strategy

Ultimate content marketing guides every beginner should know about

By Jessie L. Morgan →
Are you a content marketer? Are you striving to use your content effectively to reach out to prospects?

Nowadays, content has come to be the integrated part of every marketing campaign. However, not many marketers admit that they are really successful with it. Specially if you are a new soldier in this arene, you may need to know about content marketing guides to achieve the best results with your strategy.

Before you start, you will need to absorb the overall knowledge about content marketing. That’s what I’ll share will you in this article.

Let’s see ultimate content marketing guides every beginner should know about

1. What is content marketing?

Ultimate content marketing guides

10 key content marketing metrics you should be tracking today

By Jessie L. Morgan → Monday, September 16, 2019
More and more marketers use content marketing as an integrated part in their campaign. However, not all of them are sure about what content is effective and what isn’t.

In fact, one of the main challenges of B2B business is to measure the effectiveness of their content marketing campaign. That’s where content marketing metrics come in.

To evaluate the overall campaign, you will have to use many different metrics. Here are some key metrics you should be focusing on:

10 key content marketing metrics you should be tracking today

25 Best Content Marketing Platforms You Need to Know in 2019

By Jessie L. Morgan → Sunday, September 15, 2019
Content marketing is an integral part of the overall digital marketing campaign. It helps to deliver brand’s message to the right customers with no or very low cost. However, to succeed in content marketing, marketers need to know about the best platforms for creating, editing, delivering content, etc.

So which platforms you should choose? Why should you choose them? That’s what I will share with you in this article: 25 best content marketing platforms you need to know.

25 Best Content Marketing Platforms You Need to Know in 2019
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10 incredible benefits of infographics in content marketing

By Jessie L. Morgan → Saturday, September 14, 2019
As we are living in the age of “Big data”, there are millions of pieces of data that we have to see every day. How to organize, collate and curate information is the issue we are facing. Imagine what will happen when your audience is continuously crammed with tons of information of services and products every day, they will soon be saturated and forget all they’ve read.

This is a bad new to all brands, but it’s true. If you don’t find an effective way to convey your information and as a result your message to audience, you will be no one but a failure in the content marketing arena.

Fortunately, marketers have found an amazing way to do such efforts - using infographics. So what are the benefits of infographics? Let’s dive in to figure out!

10 incredible benefits of infographics in content marketing

How to choose a great b2b content marketing agency?

By Jessie L. Morgan →
Choosing an agency to help with your content marketing strategy is a big decision because it may cost you a lot of money. The agency you decide to work with will have to be the trusted brand that can help you achieve your strategic marketing goals.

In this article, you’ll find effective ways to identify the great content marketing agency that is most relevant to your demands.

The most important advice for you is that don’t find the best but the best fit. You shouldn’t find the largest or the most profitable agency, but the right one for you at this moment. Look at the agency’s culture to make sure it match yours. To do this, you will have to spend time on searching. Here are how you can do such an effort:

1. What are their strengths?

How to choose a great b2b content marketing agency?

Ask what they do best and what are their main service? If you want to hire an agency that helps you through all projects, ensure that they are good at your key requirements. Ask them if their services are focusing on B2B or B2C, if they excel at digital marketing, web design, public relations or lead generation, and whether they know your industry or not. After you have all this factors clarified, you can see they are a good choice or decide to find another one.