9 Best Email Marketing Platforms For Businesses

By Jessie L. Morgan Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective way to generate sales for businesses. Even having low open and conversion rates, it can be well worth the effort.

Choosing the right platform that is the good fit for your business will help you to save time and bring about profits. However, what is the right platform for email marketing is the question of many marketers.

That’s what I’ll share in this article. Let’s dive in to discover best email marketing platforms to do marketing for your business.
Email Marketing Platforms

1. Constant Contact

If you are running a small business or new to email marketing and what you need is a friendly and easy-to-use, intuitive platform while ensuring reasonable comprehension, this platform is the best solution for you. After a few minutes signing up, you will be ready to compose your first email with one of the many beautifully pre-designed templates. And when you send your emails out to your potential customers, you will find it easy to keep track of open and click-through rates, which means that you can get all the information about email marketing performance you need with Constant Contact.

* Pros:

- Having huge library of high quality, easily customizable templates.
- Best balance of functionality and user-friendliness for small businesses or marketers that are new to email marketing.

* Cons:

- Limitation of customized email design in terms of formatting, font, and color options

* Price:

Constant Contact provides a free trial for all users in 60-day. After that, plans start at $20/month with rates dependent on total list size.

Email Marketing Platforms

2. ConvertKit

Although ConvertKit is a new platform in the marketplace and relatively unknown, there are many consultants and digitally based business owners are using it because of the tagging features which is considered as unbeatably simple yet extremely powerful for audience segmentation. The users of this platform can enjoy the simplicity of creating and visualizing email sequences with useful features including a series of welcome and “getting to know you” emails for new subscribers, and so on.

If you want to rely on sharing your expertise by content upgrades (such as a free worksheet or ebook) and email opt-ins to attract new subscribers, ConvertKit is exactly the right email marketing platform for you. This is because it is the only email marketing platform which offers downloadable opt-in management without requiring a third-party integration.

* Pros:

Offering simplicity for audience segmentation, downloadable opt-in management, and automation of email sequences.

* Cons:

- No free trial
- Template selections are limited and not as attractive as those on other platforms.

* Price:

Plans start at $29 for each month for up to 1,000 subscribers.

3. GetResponse

Email Marketing Platforms - Getresponse

Imagine if the email marketing platform you use could also act like an email marketing consultant that can let you know the right time to send your messages, teach you how to do audience segmentation and many things else helping you to be successful with email marketing. For small business or marketers with limited marketing knowledge who are bootstrapping their way through the email game, GetResponse is what they will need.

Imagine if your email marketing software could also act as your email marketing consultant, teaching you when to send your messages, how to segment your audience, and everything else you need to know to make the most of your efforts with email marketing. For small business owners with limited marketing knowledge who are bootstrapping their way through the email game, that’s exactly what GetResponse does.

* Pros:

- Offering useful in-app marketing education and suggestions, including optimal times to deliver emails for best click-through rates based on the industry.
- Allowing you to track purchase behavior using email performance analytics.

* Cons:
- It can be clunky and tedious for you to use drag-and-drop design functions.
- Sometimes images and graphics fails to load (according to users feedbacks)

* Price:

GetResponse provides free trial in 30 days for all users. Plans start at $15 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers

4. iContact

Being an easy-to-use email marketing platform and containing extensive as well as functionality for more technically inclined veterans, iContact is a solid choice in terms of marketing automation and email marketing platform for business, particularly small ones. In comparison with other platforms, iContact has many outstanding points such as reliable and pretty extensive back-end functionality, high-quality email templates, and typical user experience. Moreover, the platform also allows you to schedule social media posts on many social media channels. If you are not familiar with social scheduling, you can use iContact as an useful tool without learning other software on social.

* Pros:

- It is an all-in-one useful tool for both email marketing and social media scheduling.
- Having simple yet high-quality integration for Salesforce users.
- Offering speed and quality support service.

* Cons:

- Some users report iContact’s issues with spam filters and inbox deliverability, especially to Gmail accounts.

* Price:

iContact offer every user a free 30-day trial. After that, you will have to pay from $14 for each month for under 500 subscribers.

9  Best Email Marketing Platforms For Businesses

5. MailChimp

MailChimp is possibly the most popular email marketing platform because it not only provides a free plan for small businesses, but also integrate with a multitude of third-party providers. The company has established its roots as the go-to tool for the purpose of communicating with small biz audiences through emails. This will bring about highly personable branding for the company and attract users from over the world by its unique “forever free” pricing model when having low-volume subscriber lists.

However, while it is approachable and famous among small business, most of the research shows that MailChimp’s features, including email templates, user interface, and automation capabilities are by no means the best in the marketing market. Since it lacks some of the most robust features, it's the best fit for the needs of startups, smaller teams, and solo workers.

* Pros:

- Requiring low or no cost for small lists
- Being straightforward to use if customers want keep it simple with template styles for basic email blasts to their audience.

* Cons:

- Being less intuitive in terms of audience segmentation and automated email sequences.
- Requiring a third-party integration when it comes to opt-ins and download deliveries
- Offering hard-to-be-customized and widely-used templates.
- Free plan does not include auto-responses

* Price:

Mailchimp is “forever free” for every user that has up to 2,000 subscribers. Price for larger lists starts at $10 for each month

6. Mailerlite

For small businesses which just begin their email marketing or newsletter campaigns, Mailerlite may be the perfect platform. It provides you with unlimited free emails as well as access to features when the email list is under 1,000 subscribers. This mailer is known as a no-nonsense and intuitive tool.

The feature that you can not easily find in other platforms but Mailerlite is the unlimited email database storage which you do not have to pay fees when having less than a 1,000 addresses emailed.

* Pros:

- Offering 24/7 customer support
- Being easy to use for beginners when building and sending emails
- Offering free access to all features.

* Cons:

- As a European company, stricter spam rules may raise approval times over other mailers.
- Having no no integration with sales CRMs like Salesforce
- Offering not as many built-templates as other tools

* Price:

Mailerlite provides all users with access to all features and unlimited emails for free as long as they have under 1,000 subscribers. Every plan with over 1,000 subscribers will cost from $10 each month

7. SendGrid

Email Marketing Platforms SendGrid

SenGrid is the perfect solution for e-commerce merchants. The company has their roots in in transactional email delivery services; however, over time they've transitioned to provide users with a full complement of email marketing tools.

SenGrid is an ideal platform for business which has an engineer on staff to make use of their robust and powerful API. However, the majority out of reach for businesses that do not have a tech lead available for this work. This is the tech-heavy solution that also eliminates the headache of maintaining an SMTP email server.

* Pros:

- Offering lots of features for transactional e-mail and marketing, great UI.
- Easy to set up, white label url, and get emails sending through API and marketing campaigns.
- Fast delivery and general reporting.

* Cons:

- The dashboard UI could be better. Sometimes the color is so light that it is just difficult to read the back-end.
- Website menu structure is a bit complicated and left menu fonts are faded. It is hard to read the menu elements. It's color should be darker.
- Every time you change plans, you need to explain the upgrade, which make you have to spend longer time.

* Price:

The company offers 30-day free trial for up to 40,000 emails. After that, you will have to pay from $9,95 per month.

8. Emma

The name of this platform is a combination of "email" and "marketing. Emma offers standout feature such as auto-responses and customizations. If you are a seasoned pro at email marketing and are seeking for a fully tricked-out platform, Emma is exactly what you need.

* Pros:

- The platform is pretty quick
- Fantastic software and a very helpful team also! Very good for sending company emails. It’s very easy to use.
- It allows users to design emails in an entirely wysiwyg interface, meaning you don't have to know any HTML.
- It comes with pre-made templates and users can change the colors, etc within those templates.

* Cons:

- There is nothing to complain about this platform. However, some users wish it could be more flexible. And some of the formatting or back end code can interfere with the html sometimes and then things get a little wonky.

* Price:

The company requires from $89 per month for plans.

9  Best Email Marketing Platforms

9. VerticalResponse

If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform that provides a generous free option and live support, VerticalResponse is what you can count on. With their free plan, you can get access to many features - including 4,000 emails for each month - and can upgrade when your lists grows or you want to have more advanced capabilities.

The most useful feature of VerticalResponse are Autoresponders and Advanced Reporting. The former can help you to automatically resends emails to your customers who didn't open it the first time, which is said to increase the open rates by 30 percent on average . And the latter includes usefuls tools such as geographic location, heat maps, and device indicators, which provide insights about your subscribers, letting you know how your emails are read, so that you can improve your email marketing strategy on future campaigns.

* Pros:

- Super easy to use! Great templates help you create fabulous looking emails.
- User-friendly with many options. Also, it has a very low spam rate.
- Providing a great email testing solution with list building and segmenting functionality
- Emails are sent reliably and the tracking functionality works well every time.

* Cons:

- Having had a couple of glitches, email images not showing up, difficulty sending while in a foreign country.

* Price:

The company provides every users with free option to send 4,000 emails per month to up to 300 contacts. If you want to send emails to an unlimited list, you will have to pay from $11 per month. The price is based on your email list size.

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